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Getting Max Value: Home Improvement Tips for Homeowners

Written by, Paul Denikin

When it comes to selling your home, it’s a good idea to try to see it through the eyes of a prospective buyer. After all, it can be easy to overlook problems—even significant ones—or convince yourself that a problem you know is there will somehow go unnoticed. It’s in your best interest to assess the value of your home as is, and as objectively as you possibly can. Only then will you have a good picture of what needs to be done to increase your home’s resale value, and identify what’s likely to show up on a home inspection. There’s almost always something you can do to put yourself in a better position, whether it’s a very simple do-it-yourself improvement project or something more extensive you’ve needed to do for some time.

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Low-impact jobs Window replacement in plymouth

There are lots of ways you can drive up your asking price that aren’t overly expensive or work-intensive. It’s a good thing to keep in mind because many realtors are recommending simple upgrades over large-scale renovations these days. Take a good look at your home’s accents, things like shutters, trim, and the front door. If they’re looking a little dingy, consider applying some bright and cheerful paint to add curb appeal. It’s amazing how much a coat of paint can do to make a home look fresh and appealing. Once your exterior has been brightened, it’s time to assess things indoors. If it has that funeral home look, it’s probably time to add some well-placed lighting, one of the most important things you can do to stage your home. And don’t forget to ask your energy company to give your house an energy audit and some ideas for making your home more energy efficient.

The next step Window replacement in plymouth

Now that you’ve got the easy fixes done, take it to the next level with some upgrades that won’t stretch your budget too much. One thing people will certainly notice is your air quality. You can hire a company to conduct an air-quality test to determine if there are a lot of allergens and contaminants floating around. If so, you might need to replace your carpeting with some laminate or hardwood. A water filtration system is another inexpensive impact item that’s popular with home buyers.

Size, or the impression of it, resonates with buyers. If you have lots of heavy drapes, think about replacing them with vertical blinds. If your living room or den is a little on the small side, try adding a large mirror to lend the aspect of size and reflective brightness, but be careful to eliminate any clutter (and extraneous furniture) that a large mirror will enhance. Remember that when it comes to keeping your house decluttered, hiring a cleaning service to keep things neat and tidy is a good idea while you’re in sell mode.

Kitchen, bathroom, and beyond Window replacement in plymouth

Most home renovations are done in the bathroom and kitchen, two rooms that home buyers will scrutinize very carefully. Even minor upgrades add significant value. Replacing an outdated vanity or adding new fixtures can really make your bathroom pop for a few hundred dollars. Where your kitchen is concerned, the shinier the better, so think about adding a stainless steel sink and new faucet fixtures.

The roof Window replacement in plymouth

Checking your roof is like looking under the hood of a car—it’s one of the first things a buyer’s going to ask about. Have any loose shingles or leaks replaced before you get serious about staging your home, and consider getting a new roof if yours is showing its age. You can avoid roofing scams by watching for high-pressure sales tactics, excessively large down payments, and unnecessary repairs. Check with the Better Business Bureau when looking for roofing companies, as well as the internet for customer comments.

Simple upgrades Window replacement in plymouth

A thorough inspection around your house can help you avoid diving into an overly ambitious home renovation. You might be able to add value with much simpler and less costly upgrades. Remember, your objective should be to get the most for your home without breaking the bank preparing to sell.

Window replacement in plymouth

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