Window Installers Minneapolis St Paul MN| Bay and Bow Windows

Window Installers Minneapolis St Paul MNBay windows and bow windows are also offered here at A Pane In The Glass Construction. Bay windows and bow windows have similar benefits and are similar styles of windows yet they do possess some differences that customers should know. Both of these types of windows protrude from the home. They offer elegance with arches, angles, and an incredibly wide view.

Bay windows are made of three windows of varying sizes. They are composed of a large center window and two smaller windows on either side. The side windows are angled about 30-40 degrees and are typically double hung windows while the center window is typically a fixed window.

Bow windows are composed of four or more different windows. Bow windows can give a more gradually curved look and feel since there are more windows to work with than a Bay Window. Bow windows have more parts than bay windows and therefore will not provide a view that is as unobstructed as a bay window would for your Minneapolis St Paul MN home.

Window Installers Minneapolis St Paul MN|Advantages of Installing Bay or Bow Windows

  • Added value to your Minneapolis St Paul MN home
  • More natural light
  • Excellent view
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Versatility

Bay windows and bow windows give your home a clean and modern look from the outside, and from the inside they give you that same look as well as the feeling of having additional space. The aesthetic appeal and the added space add value to any home. These types of windows also give you an excellent view of the outdoors as they protrude from the home and allow you to get a 180 degree view. They also allow in more natural light, and because of this it is important to have windows with high ratings for heat gain. Additionally, because these types of windows will always have at least two functioning windows you can enjoy excellent ventilation. Bay windows and bow windows are also extremely versatile. They can be installed in any style of home whether it be old or new and they can be installed anywhere in the home. They tend to be most popular in kitchens and living rooms.

Bay windows or bow windows are a fantastic way to update your Minneapolis St Paul MN home. They can increase the value of your home, save you money on energy bills, and provide a wonderful aesthetic to any room. If you are considering adding bay windows or bow windows to your home don’t hesitate to call us. We pride ourselves in quality workmanship and putting our customers first. You can contact us by calling 651-329-4815 or sending an email to